Property Search

This site gives you the ability to search for any account in the Real Property, Business Personal Property or Mineral Tax Rolls. Under the Search Type section there are two dropdown choices to choose from, Type of Search and Property Type. You can then choose which Tax Year you want to search in.

  • Select the Type of Search
    The first choice is what type of search you would like to do. Choose from the following.
Account Number Search- Ex: 150000091902016000 (No Dashes or Spaces), you can search with as few as 10 digits of the account number
Address Search - Ex: 245      Ex: MAIN, C R, FM, SPUR, LOOP, HWY, INTERSTATE
Business Search - Ex: TYLER METRO
Owner Search - Ex: LAST NAME FIRST NAME, use upper or lower case
PIN Search - Ex: 068684 (No Dashes or Spaces), must enter all 6 digits
  • Select Property Type
    The second choice is which property type you would like to search. Choose from the following.
ALL - Search all account types.
MINERALS - Search only accounts that are minerals.
PERSONAL (BPP) - Search only Business Personal Property accounts.
REAL - Search only Real Property accounts.
  • Tax Year
    Select the Tax Year from the dropdown list.
    tax year