Agent Online Protest System Tax Year 2024


This form is for use by an owner's designated agent to file a protest with the appraisal review board (ARB) pursuant to Tax Code Section 41.41. Lessees contractually obligated to reimburse a property owner for property taxes may be entitled to protest as a lessee if all Tax Code requirements are met, including those in Tax Code Section 41.413.


This document and all supporting documentation must be filed with the appraisal district office in each county in which the property is located. Do not file this document with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. A directory with contact information for appraisal district offices may be found on the Comptroller's website.


With exceptions, the typical deadline for filing a notice of protest is midnight, May 15 (or 30 days after a notice of appraised value was mailed to you, whichever is later) (Tax Code Section 41.44). Contact the ARB for the county in which the property is located for the specific protest filing deadline.


The Comptroller's office may not advise a property owner, a property owner's agent, the chief appraiser or any appraisal district employee on a matter that the Comptroller's office knows is the subject of a protest to the ARB. Consult Tax Code Chapter 41 or the ARB hearing procedures for more information.
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Accounts represented by an agent (except for mineral interests) may be protested online with an online Agent Code. The Agent Code is printed on the Notice of Appraised Value or you may contact the appraisal district to be assigned an ID.

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