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Agricultural Advisory Board

What is the Agricultural Advisory Board ?
Sec. 6.12, Property Tax Code, requires the chief appraiser to appoint an agricultural appraisal advisory board with the advice and consent of the appraisal district board of directors. The advisory board’s function is to aid the chief appraiser in determining typical practices and standards for agricultural activities in the district and advise the chief appraiser on the valuation and use of land that may be designated for agricultural, open-space or timber use within the district
The Smith County Agricultural Advisory Board typically consists of four members.  As an advisory board, it has no decision making authority or responsibility.  The agricultural advisory board does not become involved in matters dealing with individual properties or in approving applications for agricultural appraisal.

Members of the board must be owners of qualified agricultural, open space or timberland in the appraisal district who have lived in the district at least five years.  An employee or officer of an appraisal district may not serve as a member of the board.

Terms and Compensation
Advisory board members serve for two-year staggered terms. Board members may not receive compensation for their service on the advisory board.

The chief appraiser calls advisory board meetings and he must call a meeting at least once a year, although it may meet more often.  The board may choose a chairman and other officers.
A member of the appraisal district staff serves as a liaison to the agricultural advisory board. The staff member is responsible for such things as compiling materials, setting the agenda for the meeting and recording meeting minutes.

Application Process
Individuals with an interest in serving on the Agricultural Advisory Board may contact the Chief Appraiser by phone at (903) 510-8600, or by clicking the link above, for an Agricultural Advisory Board Candidate Application.  Terms typically begin January 1 and applications should be submitted 2 to 3 months prior to that date.